PROSPERing Step-by-Step, State-by-State (P2S): An Extension-Based Opioid Prevention Training and Capacity-Building System

The primary goal of this project is to implement and evaluate a five-step, Extension-powered prevention training and capacity-building system guided by the scientifically-proven PROSPER prevention delivery system. The PROSPER delivery system remains one of the few models proven as efficacious for the high-quality delivery of evidence-based programs, and it currently is the only system designed for use within Extension that has been shown to reduce opioid misuse through a randomized controlled trial. Our primary prevention training and capacity-building goals are pursued with an innovative partnership among Iowa State University (ISU) Extension & Outreach, the PROSPER Network Organization based in the ISU Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute, and the Iowa Department of Public Health. Additional partners include Extension Stakeholders representing five PROSPER-involved states.

PROSPER’s positive results to date are expected to be enhanced by the proposed five-step training and capacity-building system that adapts PROSPER, adding programming content and prevention strategies to specifically address the risks of opioid and prescription drug misuse. The five-step training and capacity-building system entails: (1) Mobilizing and Organizing at the State Level, with ongoing inputs from an Extension Stakeholder Advisory Group; (2) Core Training at the County Level for P2S Implementation; (3) Conducting Core Programming/Prevention Activities; (4) Conducting Specialty Trainings (e.g., media, environmental strategies); and (5) Building Capacity for Expansion and Sustainability, including county sustainability planning and a training of trainers process, for both Iowa and other PROSPER states.


Principal Investigator: Richard Spoth

Funder: National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)