About PPSI

PPSI is a multidisciplinary non-profit research institute within Iowa State University. Its mission is to conduct practical research that focuses on promoting capable and healthy youth, adults, families, and communities. PPSI scientists conduct both evaluation studies establishing the evidence-base for preventive interventions and partnership-based dissemination studies, to enhance capacity for the large-scale delivery of programs once their efficacy has been demonstrated. Through this work, PPSI scientists and implementation specialists are moving toward the development of initiatives fostering prevention workforce development.

The goals of our research

To expand the evidence base on the effectiveness of prevention, positive youth development, and health promotion interventions for youth, adults, families and communities, including examination of:

  • How interventions produce their outcomes
  • What factors influence the effectiveness of interventions
  • What economic benefits interventions provide
  • What cultural adaptations improve intervention effectiveness

To evaluate engagement of youth, adults, and families in evidence-based prevention and health promotion intervention projects.

To evaluate community-school-university partnership approaches to dissemination of evidence-based prevention, positive youth development, and health promotion interventions, including factors related to quality delivery and sustainability, such as:

  • Factors in local adoption of, and participation in, scientifically-tested programs
  • Factors in sustained, quality implementation of these programs
  • Outcomes of these programs for diverse populations, as well as factors influencing outcomes
  • Effective partnership processes and their influence on positive program outcomes
  • Prevention workforce development